Local GOP leaders encourage civic engagement

ADEL, Iowa—Republican Party of Dallas County leaders encourage residents to engage with political and policy issues in their communities as new data reinforces that pro-growth GOP policies have contributed to the county’s rapid rise in population.

The Associated Press reported that Dallas County is the fifth-fastest-growing county in the nation, citing the U.S. Census bureau’s latest figures. The federal government released a report last week showing that from July 1, 2015, to July 1, 2016, Dallas County’s population grew by 4.6 percent. The county population increased by more than 27 percent since 2010.

“Companies, families and workers are moving to Dallas County in droves in no small part because of the leadership of our county officials, state legislators and business leaders. They understand that a low tax rate, sound budgeting and efficient public services attract people to live, work and play in our communities,” said Dallas County GOP chair John Strathman. “We encourage everyone to get involved in their local communities and within the Dallas County GOP. Your voice and opinion matters and helps shape the future of this great Iowa county.”

Republicans hold seven of eight elected county offices—Supervisors Mark Hanson, Brad Golightly and Kim Chapman; Auditor Julia Helm, Recorder Chad Airhart, Sheriff Chad Leonard and Treasurer Mitch Hambleton. Republican Sens. Charles Schneider and Jake Chapman represent Dallas County residents in the state senate while Reps. Rob Taylor, Ralph Watts and Clel Baudler serve in the state house.

Records released in early March from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office show that Dallas County has 19,847 registered, active Republicans (37 percent of voters), 12,773 Democrats (24 percent) and 20,591 no party voters (38 percent).

As census data shows, Dallas County’s population increased more than 27 percent since 2010. During that time, GOP registered voters increased 46 percent while the overall increase in voters was 29 percent. In contrast, registered Democrats grew just 15 percent in the past seven years.

“We encourage those who care about Dallas County’s future—especially new residents—to engage with the Dallas County GOP at events, meetings and forums with elected officials,” said Patti Brown, the Dallas County GOP co-chair. “We are blessed to have great community leaders, fantastic schools, quality places to worship, wonderful recreational facilities, parks, and trails—which wouldn’t exist without civic-minded citizens and thoughtful public servants.”

The next election is a May 2 county-wide special election on a proposed law enforcement center. More information can be found at the County Auditor’s website and via a group supporting the measure at http://dallascountyvote.com. There’s no organized group opposing the referendum.

For more information and a calendar of events, please visit the Dallas County GOP’s website at http://dallascountygop.org.

About the Republican Party of Dallas County
Earlier this year the Dallas County GOP Central Committee elected John Strathman as chair, Patti Brown as co-chair, Phil Patterson as treasurer and Claire Mellick as secretary.

The Dallas County Republican Party stands for and represents a small, efficient government that is based on fiscally sound principals and is mindful of taxpayers’ money; quality public, private, and home school education that prepares our children to be tomorrow’s leaders; a business-friendly environment that encourages business development and growth; the entrepreneurial spirit that helps create jobs and opportunities for our citizens; and Iowa values that support strong communities and families.