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Why I am a Young Republican

Why am I a YR?

Before I answer that question I want to talk a little bit about myself and why I got involved in politics. My name is Caleb Primrose and I have been involved in politics all my life. It started when I became involved with Student Government. I had a chance to learn a little bit about politics and how to make decisions that can help out the school. I was involved in that from elementary all the way to high school. I also got to experience what a caucus was like when the first ever high school mock caucus was held in 2013 and what a delegate does if elected. After that experience I wanted to get actively more involved in politics.

After high school I started looking for ways to get involved. While looking for ways to be involved I found an organization called Polk County Republicans. I reached out and they got me involved right away with events and parades. At one of the parades I was introduced to someone with the David Young campaign and they asked if I wanted to help out. I was involved with them and at the same time I attended my first actual caucus and was elected as a delegate to the county convention. From there I went on to the district and state convention. In 2016, the Trump Campaign reached out to me and asked if I wanted to help out with his campaign and had a chance to not only meet Trump but was on the side of history when he became President of the United States. In 2017 and up to today I have had many great ways to be involved. From helping Governor Kim Reynolds to be elected the first female Governor of Iowa and being an honorary colonel to being a Neighborhood Team Leader for the Trump Campaign to being a delegate in 2018 and running a caucus in 2020. I also got to serve on convention committees and it has been awesome. I will continue to stay involved and hope to be an inspiration for young people.

In 2018 the Iowa Federation of Young Republicans was founded. We officially became a YR chapter at the YR National Convention and have been getting young people actively involved ever since. I became a YR so I can be around more young people like me who have the same beliefs and be part of a movement empowering young republicans like me to be involved in politics. There are young people who are Republicans and having an organization for them is a great way to start building a movement and encouraging young people to be involved. So, before you say there are no young people who believe in freedom, the constitution, or republican values look at what the Iowa YRs are doing. You would be surprised by how many of us are out there.

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