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Kelley Koch, Co-Chair of the Dallas County GOP, Discusses The Party Like A Patriot Event And The Future Of Republicans

As Republican candidates grapple to win important state and local seats, two prominent national wrestlers head to Dallas County, Iowa to rally local action and support for the party.

U.S. Representative Jim Jordan and Iowa legend Dan Gable have been “pinned” down to be the headliners for our upcoming Party Like A Patriot event. Both were champion wrestlers and champion wrestling coaches. The location will be at the West Des Moines Marriott on Thursday, September 2nd at 6:00 p.m. Ticket information is available at In keeping with the fashion style of Representative Jordan, ties are not required.

This will be our all-star yearly fundraising event as we gather to rally support and organization for local, state and national candidates. It’ll be an evening of inspirational stories from two of the best wrestling coaches in the U.S., both winners of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This will be a night of amazing accomplishments and national Washington insider stories.

Iowa for its nationally known wrestling programs. Gable will focus on the need for leadership, excitement and motivation within the party. Jordan promises some inside the beltway stories of the national political theme.

From suburban, rural and ethnic voter growth, Dallas County now has a broad voter appeal and is quickly becoming a bellweather Iowa county. It’s the first of a series of events to make sure all our county knows how to get involved and engaged.

Dallas County has a concentration of suburban women, rural farm residents, a high concentration of diversity, and affluent young residents. I want to show the nation what constructive discussion of the issues can look like.

Candidates are focusing on Dallas County with its large and diverse population. National candidates, like Jim Jordan, are coming to our county to get a sense of what we’re thinking. Those not involved miss out on the opportunity to give their opinions.

Even though I have strong feelings about the last elections, our goal at the county level is to welcome back all residents who are upset with the growth of Federal Government and the amount of money being spent, which is leading to higher inflation.

It’s so important that we organize and welcome the grassroots supporters of the GOP back. We may disagree on a topic or two, but we are really disappointed with the way our national government is heading.

I believe Republicans need to win one of the national houses to bring back the balance and voice of all people.

The way to get involved is to start at the grass-roots level which are the county organizations. This is where we get votes and win elections.

People have been polarized over the past years on certain topics. As the leader of one of the key bell weather counties, I want to welcome all. We’ll debate the issues but have one focus to organize and win elections to balance out the one-sided legislation we see in Washington DC.

Iowans are fickle. We are known as listeners when it comes to politics. Some Iowans may have already made up their minds, but most want to be convinced of the best candidate. That’s why Iowa is first in the nation for candidates to test their message. And, more importantly, it’s why getting involved in the county’s organization gives citizens the ability to hear, up close and personal, what the candidates are proposing.

Our goal is to bring all Iowa citizens together for an exciting, positive evening of fun as we work together for our nation.

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