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Three Domestic Threats to Our Republic

  • Education,
  • Journalism,
  • Supreme Court

If we’re not told the truth by either educators or journalists, then how can we possibly make informed decisions at the ballot box? The bias we see by our teachers and journalists today is overwhelming and now big tech is taking up their cause. You have to wonder why big tech is censoring conservative speech. Is it because they are so smart OR that they have learned their bias from the teachers and journalists? If you don’t think this has been happening, consider a couple of scenarios.

Scenario #1 – Global Warming?

Changed to Climate Change because Global Warming didn’t fit all the weather patterns that were happening. They still teach that humans are the cause of Climate Change and that cows even help the warming of the earth with all their flatulence. The facts they should be teaching are that our Earth has gone through many ice ages in its history. There have been four major ice ages. The last ice age started about 12,000 years ago and is still here. So, has man caused that ice age or are we now ending it? Did the cows cause it or was it the dinosaurs? 12,000 years ago? That’s 10,000 years before Jesus Christ and 7,000 years before Moses! Do you suppose scientists were measuring the Earth’s temperature accurately, all over the Earth, including the changes in the oceans temperatures before man discovered cooking with fire?

So, the Earth is warming, and we are approaching the end of the current ice age, but did we humans cause it? According to the teachers of Climate Change and the inventor of the internet, Al Gore, yes, we did. They assert that because we humans are so dirty and emitting burnt fossil fuels the Earth is doomed unless we do something about it like stop driving cars and heating our homes and drinking out of plastic straws. They say kill all of the cows; we shouldn’t be eating meat anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I believe we all need to do our part to keep our environment clean. I appreciate the cleanliness of our streams returning to what they were from 65 years ago. BUT, let’s not confuse these two different symptoms in our environment. The Earth IS warming but it became frozen in the ice age without man and would be warming without the cows farting in the field. The other separate issue is that we should do the things we need to do to keep our environment clean for ourselves, but it has nothing to do with Global Warming. Since there is so much money involved with Climate Change, it is more an economic issue which makes it a political issue instead of an environmental issue.

Scenario #2 – Marbury vs Madison

Did your teachers tell you that there are three equal but separate powers in government? I don’t blame the teachers for this fallacy because they are just teaching this myth the way they learned it without question. If you can read, check out Article 3 section 2 in our constitution. It lists what the kind of cases the Supreme Court can deal with. It does not give them the power to trump both the legislative and the executive branches. If it did, they would have more power than the other two branches instead of being the weakest of the three branches. The framers knew that and very intentionally did NOT give the judicial branch that power. Look up what the Federalist paper #78 where Alexander Hamilton explained why they did not give the court that power. He says the constitution gives the Executive the power of the sword but created the check and balance by giving the power of the purse to the congress. They did not want the court to become political by giving them more power than the other two branches. Today, whenever a president must appoint a new justice all political hell breaks out. Has the Supreme Court become political? We fought a revolutionary war to end having to do our government like the British. Their courts decided cases that then became a precedent, forever. Evidently, John Marshal liked the British court system because in the third paragraph of Marbury vs. Madison which is totally unrelated to the case, the Marshal court wrote in JUDICIAL REVIEW where they gave themselves the power to not only veto the other two branches but also the power to make any law they wanted. Don’t believe me? Can you find the right to privacy in the constitution? It’s not there! It was added to the Roe vs. Wade case. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they get it wrong like in the DRED SCOTT vs. Sanford decision, where they said that slavery could continue in the current states. But in any case, they make decisions that are NOT necessarily constitutionally valid or the will of the people and so are a threat to our Republic if they are allowed to have the power that they constitutionally don’t have. Whether they go by the constitution where they are the weakest branch or violate the constitution as in Marbury vs. Madison, they are NOT equal as we are taught by teachers and professors of law.

WE the people need to be told the truth by the journalists and taught the truth by our teachers all without bias or all three; journalists, teachers and the Supreme Court are the biggest threat to our Republic.

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